Illustration Friday: "Prepare"; じゅんび junbi

I'm not much for preparing things beforehand, I just do a quick last minute packing and wing it, basically. I'm usually a pretty laid back sort of person - the only thing that can unbalance me is the heat and sun and since there's not much of that right now, I'm pretty cool.
I don't have a poster bed but I've always wanted one and some day I shall have it. ... sometimes I get the urge to build myself one but I don't even have the space to saw the planks!


  1. I was thinking about making a headboard for my bed. There are so many ways to make them. I love canopy beds. Hope you have one some day.

  2. Då skulle katterna bli glada att dom har någonstans att klättra, förstöra och gömma sig på ;D
    Fint tecknat!

  3. Lovely illustration!!!
    And some day you'll have the bed you are dreaming of! :)

  4. Yes, a huuuge bed filled with cats. ... I will end up being eaten by them some day heh