Illustration Friday: "Twirl"; ひねくる hinekuru

... Let's play a little game of word association! Right, here we go:
When I think of "twirl" I think of flirting; when I think of flirting I think of summer and summer leads to wasps.
I once squashed a poor wasp inside my sandal and got stung, the whole top of my foot swelled horribly. The next day, beause I could no longer get into the sandals, I went barefoot. And stepped on a wasp. This was way before I even knew there was such a thing as veganism but still, "serial killer" was never an aspiration of mine ;)


  1. This is very nice. I like the colors you used and the textures. I like how you arrived at your idea. nice!

  2. I absolutely love this! The blue is luscious and Im always a sucker for bumble bees!

  3. I can't believe you did it twice in a row! I've stepped on wasps too and it is awful. The second time I got a lump in my throat and needed a shot. Now I carry a needle with me all summer.

  4. Well done! I love everything about this, especially how you treated the wings.

  5. this is lovely...i really like how you handled/suggested the wings. well done!

  6. I know, oil painting textures are just yummy! Stung twice in a row but not again since, lucky me! :D

  7. Oh, you're going to think I am horrible. . . but I'll tell you anyway.

    I slaughter these things by the hundreds every summer.

    We have real wasp problems in my area. They build their nests inside my kids swing set, and under our picnic table, and on our fence. Just everywhere. They've stung my kids and visitors. . . I fight weeds and wasps all summer.

    This is a beautiful drawing, however. I love the texture and the colors. It makes them look so fuzzy and nice. Perhaps you can be a wasp spokeswoman?