Making a day out of it

You know, I've been living my whole life practically next door to IKEA. Until now that is. Now, I have to plan and take a day off and make lists of all the things I need - no more just popping in for a browse! 
And one can complain and be irritated about it (happens frequently!) but there's nothing to be done about it so why not enjoy the weather and take inspiration from the view!
I don't know why I never post my sketches here but I will try to do better. I think I mentioned once that Illustration Friday is my only excuse to post - I'm a bit shy about my doodles otherwise - but I'll use the blog itself as the excuse from now on. If I can keep it up. ;)


  1. I like the scenery around you and your doodles too. I never lived close to an IKEA and when I do go to one I have to talk myself into it because it is a difficult trip. I usually give up. xx

  2. Since it is winter here, I would like to be in your painting.

  3. Mrs - I know what you mean, sometimes It's exhausting just thinking about it! :D

    Belle - well, technically, it is winter here too. But hot. ;)