Art school projects ... possibly

Two weeks into the 6 week "free project" period and I've been doing little more than fumbling around with painting and ... not much else. But today I made a little origami house and I thought hmm, maybe I should go interactive? I worked all sorts of angles from this point on, like building a city, putting people in it, make an animation, or the Random Acts of Kindness idea, the whole street art thing with people picking up the houses and perhaps there's a message inside and maybe they could write something back and I could pick it up later and it'd be like the whole Bookcrossing thing!  
....yeah, add another couple of dozen random strings of thoughts all at once and that's where my head's in right now - blank. But it's a fun kind of blank, the kind where - hopefully - I wake up tomorrow and just know. 
Now, wouldn't that be just lovely if it happened that way? ;)
Speaking of street art:


  1. Love the street art and the pencils. I like your ideas about the little house and people leaving notes etc. Sounds like fun.

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