My very own, homemade sketchbook, page 1

So, I made myself a sketchbook last night ...
 I've actually been wanting to join the Sketchbook Project for a while now but never got around to actually signing up. And now that I'm so completely stuck with my painting, I need something else to keep me occupied and help me work through this patch. As you can see, in a dash of optimism,  I dated the book. The thing is though, there are 17 days left of the month but 38 pages left to fill ... oh, well, I do best under preassure so maybe it'll work out for the best after all. ;)
Photo of the first page:
The scanned version:
And as usual, I'm using my sister as a model. Very convenient as I don't have to pay her ;)

BTW, I'm waiting for some supplies but as soon as they arrive, there will be another giveaway and it's neither cards nor prints this time! :)


  1. 38 pages and 17 days? You can do it! You made a beautiful start with the first page. I'm curious to see the continuing pages...

  2. Nice! Keep going...I'm SURE you will get it done!-