Relaxing, building things

 So, I missed a couple of Ilustration Friday entries there and I wish I could say it was because I was travelling round the world, too busy sharing deep thoughts and carefree fun with people along the way. 
But no, I've just been tired lately. Anyway, I thought I needed some rest from all the mind-work and decided that assembling that commode I got from IKEA a while back would be a good idea:

Is anyone else fascinated by masses of pegs and screws and gets an urge to sort them out?
What I like about IKEA is that putting together a piece of furniture is so easy it makes you feel like a proper Handy Andy. And all you need is a hammer, a screwdriver and some morning sunshine flooding the window and all your thoughts will completely disconnect and dissolve.
Some had other ideas, though:
This is not what the end result looked like but it popped up on Facebook the other day and it does look a smart idea! I've got a couple of shelves right here not empty but still apparently very attractive, I've got to be careful to lock my things away and only leave scraps out, or those things would turn to scrap too ;)


  1. I love the cat shelves. I see your cats were interested in your work! Sometimes it is hard to get things done or a book read when you have cats. :)

  2. I always feel like a man after finishing Ikea project. :D the last pic is hilarious.

  3. Belle - it's a hard life ;)
    Masa - haha, so true!