Sketchbook, pages 2 and 12

Can you tell what this is supposed to be? Because I sometimes find it very difficult to see my drawings objectively and what seems perfectly clear to me, may look like just a big blur of nothing to somebody else. 
This is actually part of an assignement for school - one that is not going very well ... I keep getting ideas of what I want but somewhere along the line, they fall apart. Anyways, I've been playing with mirrors for a while now but I think I'll have to give up this particular idea and think of something else....which is what I must go and do now... urk, I feel like a sulky child ;)

Here, have some Bella instead (showing some nipple, I believe!):

Or how about Emil; I don't like him climbing this particular palm tree because the "leaves" are sharp like deadly spears - I should know, I stab myself on them every time I go near. So far I've not seen Emil hurt himself though so I guess he's better at that kind of stuff than I am:


  1. I wasn't sure what the first drawing was until I stared at it awhile. A woman in a window I think. The second looks like an open door to me. Love the cats. It is discouraging when you work on something for hours and then don't like it. I did that last week with a cartoon I was working one.

  2. a very good guess, Belle! :D
    C- en naturlig skönhet, man blir nästan avis ;)