Sketchbook, page 8

You know what, even though I've always done sports in my free time, I was never a fan of PE classes at school. And as much as I love water, if it meant I had to stand in line to prove my diving skills, I could do without the swimming lessons. But if we were lucky and class that articular day consisted of nothing more that a certain amount of laps in the pool before being set loose to do whatever we wanted, then that was a happy day! 
But the thing that made these long lost childhood memories pop up again, is the unusual cold; winter normally means rain here in the south of Spain but this year has been too dry and too cold, and it made me remember the sauna at the end of those school days in the communal pool. The heat made it hard to breath and you lost all strength in your body but oh how relaxing that tiny room was, and it kept you warm all the way home, even on a cold, Swedish winter day. 
Of course, we wouldn't have been wearing bathrobes but  ... oh I guess I'm just a big prude now in my old days. But speaking of nudes, there was a rumour last year about famous paintings being blocked on Facebook, or at least one famous painting, by Anders Zorn:
 And speaking of saunas, here's one of Zorn's:

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