What I wore today, in Elche

... Umm, did I ever mention that I was going to let my hair grow long? Yeah, I often do that. But I hardly ever follow through, it's just that long hair (at least my hair) needs a lot of care that I can't be bothered to give, and since I just don't look good with my hair out, I have to wear it up and then what's the point of keeping it long? Although, true, I do admire those gorgeous buns and braids that long-haired people get to do - I used to do that too, only it has to be done every day... now I just mousse it and go. Of course, it needs regular trimming but I can live with that :)
But anyway, what was I doing in Elche? I went there to hand in a painting for an art show, and since the day was so lovely, I took out my camera on the way back.
You know, the Costa Blanca is rather famous for its salt lakes and last winter, when the UK ran out of road salt, they imported I don't know how many tons of it from right here:


  1. Love the salt pics. I didn't know that! I love your jacket and pants and I love mascara. I never know how long to wear my hair. It drives me crazy.