Animation test run

I had this idea of using a couple of those drawer slides to make myself a small stand for my camera, you know, like those rails they have on movie sets. So I asked my dad, the engineer, for advice and this is the result:
One shoebox for my paper houses, one old painting as background, and the camera thingy, with a few extra blocks to get the right height:
And then I made a tiny little clip. About a very slow car:
And no fun sound effects either because this new Movie Maker version is just ... no good.


  1. Oh this is so fun and pretty.
    I love the idea

  2. Look at what you did! I loved it because I can't do it!

  3. WOW!! This is wonderful, Nancy! What a great little animation..love those houses. How wonderful to have such a keen dad too. : ) Can't wait to see more..set to music too. Reminds me of Totoro and the animated car rumbling on the road. : )