Birdie num num

Oh, I've been busy, too busy to update ... but here's a little sneak peek into what I've been up to: above is one of the pendants I'll be bringing to the art fair now on Sunday, I was hoping for more to show but my supplies haven't arrived. :(
But nevermind that now, instead, look at this:
This is the lav at a mall in Elche. I've been several times and every time I have to double back and check:
yes, it is the ladies'.
I don't know, maybe it's because they look like regular posters, selling fashion for men - or perhaps they're targeting women who shop for their men? - either way, it kinda chafes for me.
 Then I thought, hmm, maybe it's because they're not my type, perhaps I'd have been much, much happier if there had been longer hair and less showing of muscles and underwear -and in such boooring outfits to boot. But then I checked the mens':

 and I realised that it's not just about looks, it's about the lack of humour (however simple it may be)!

Speaking of birds, I saw something pretty out the kitchen window yesterday:


  1. I absolutely love the pendant! I'm astounded by the bathrooms, especially the men's where the girl has a ruler! That seems pretty rude to me. I don't mind the ladie's one although it does seem strange and would make me feel self-conscious.