Illustration Friday: "Swamp"

See, this is what happens when too much work makes your brain forget to differentiate between languages; when I read this week's new word I immediately though "oh I've already got something for svamp, perfect", not noticing of course, until just now as I was writing the post title, that "swamp" is English and not the Swedish "svamp" at all.
"Svamp" means mushroom.
Actually this happens quite a lot with me, especially when I'm speaking Spanish - being a latin based language, I keep adding words in French and having to correct in the middle of a sentence but what I'm correcting it with might just as easily be Italian (which I don't speak so I don't know where that comes from!), German or even Japanese. It can get pretty confusing sometimes, for all involved.
Well, anyway, I'm sticking with the subject because, after all, there must be mushroom growing in swamps too, right?
This was a watercolour I made a couple of years ago but never pursued, mainly because it just didn't photograph or scan well, as you can see above. I tried adjusting it on the computer (example below) but nah, nothing ever came out of it.


  1. Oh, it's a beautiful illustration, Nancy! Fairytale-like! Who knew what a svamp was..thank you for this! : ) Hope you've been well!

  2. I like to know what mushroom is in swedish, I'm a great fan of them. I also like the unfinished quality of the drawing

  3. It is a delightful painting! That is interesting about your language problems. You certainly do well. Yes, there are mushrooms in swamps as far as I know.

  4. I'm quite pleased you decided include your svamp! Lovely use of color!!! And yes, I do believe svamps can be found in swamps!:)