Timing is everything

... or at least of some importance when it comes to ... well everything, really. In this case, it was an unexpected punch to my chest - not not an actual punch, that would've been rather awful, but a visual one, a piece of art that hit me just at the right moment for maximum impact. My oh sooo inspiring art teacher is alwas travelling, collecting images of art treasures to show us in class, and today she'd brought a couple of photos from ARCO, one of them being a painting by Herbert Brandl. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that particular painting online so you'll have to imagine, if you will, Brandl's mountains above this text and then, laid on top, the bright, gorgeous, life sucking red of the image to the right (unknown artist). I don't think I can properly convey to you the effect that huge painting had on me just then but it was as when, sometimes in winter, the air is so cold it feels both painfully fresh, and so thick it blocks the lungs.
But why am I telling you this? Well, because it inspired me to post some of the sketches we've been doing in class this past week - something I rarely do here on the blog, sometimes because they're only studies and quickly put away to be studied again later, but mostly because I'm tired when get home.  But today I got myself a little non-artificial adrenaline rush and thought I'd make use of it. ;)
Anyways, this past week has been all about colours and using them in ways we wouldn't normally. So, the first two actually aren't that different from what I usually do but the last one turned out pretty cool  - doesn't look like my work at all!

This is why Emil always has a sooty face:


  1. I love that mountain scene and you described it so well. I like your studies of color too, vibrant, animated. The third one is unexpected...I like it but don't know why.

    My cats are attracted to the smell of tires too, so weird. You are lucky Emily accepts being on a leash.

    Now go rest. xx

  2. At first I thought the third one was just colors, then I noticed a man's profile. Very cool! I like it a lot. Your cat is so funny. Yes, I can see she would get pretty dirty under there.

  3. I now notice the man's profile, looking from afar...this is great! Belle is so observant.