7 random things about me, nr 2 - The Versatile Blogger Award

I've got two twitter accounts: my official one that I hardly ever use because I don't have a mobile and twitter really works best when waiting for a bus somewhere and you've got nothing else to do.
My other account is the one I use to vent or to just blurb random thoughts; I've never had much use for a secret personal diary as my thoughts drift in and out too quickly for me to jot down, and even if I did, by then they would feel irrelevant. You wouldn't believe what an effort it is sometimes to update this blog even! ;)
I erase my tweets about once a week.
BTW, even though it's not a drawing, this also fits my "what I wore today" theme!


  1. Love you on top of the world! Congrats on the award. I've never twittered or tweeted myself, but it does look like fun.

  2. Hehehe, cool animation! Your toes must be freezing up in the arctics. Love your outfit!

    And congratulations on the award. Wooohoo!

  3. yes, twitter looks like fun, I agree, too bad I've still not found its charm :8
    Bella - absolutely freezing! tried going barefoot yesterday, but still too cold!