Cats demand attention

So I'm thinking of ideas for this performance art thingie and ... well, I do have some sort of an idea although I'm not sure how much of it (if any!) counts as performance art since it's not actually "live" and it would require some animation as well but ... oh never mind, I'll do this and get scolded later.
So this is me trying out angles and such for the video - as you can se, it's quite a failure since you can't really see what I'm doing. Next time I'll just zoom in on my hands, I think. And do a lot of fast forwarding because this is just boooring. But I'm posting it because it has cats in it ;) and as everybody housing a cat knows, there's no such thing as one entire hour of complete peace without someone breaking something, making a racket because they fell into the water bowl, tipping the litterbox and strewing sand all the way to the ground floor ... you know, all those little things they do to interrupt your work just so you can prove to them how much you love them:

Could you tell what it was that I made in the end? ;)


  1. Nice, you made a boat. We used to make those when we were little and we had so much fun doing it. I had to laugh about the cats. It never fails..when i sit to read or focus one has to bite my head or my ankle or do something to get my attention, and we do love them just for those things, right?


  2. Yes, I could see it was a cute little boat. For me it is my dog interrupting me all day.

  3. haha, well, dogs till do nicely too ;)