Illustratio Friday:"Vocal"; ゆうせい yuusei

This is something I made for school this week, but today I had to change it into this:
Why did I have to? Because otherwise I would really scream my head off - the neighbours' association just banned cat-walking. I don't know what I'll do now - the ravine just behind us is where all the dogs run free so obviously my cats can't go (even our closest neighbour who has a dog herself, doesn't like walking there because of the aggressiveness of some of the other dogs). And even without the dogs, there are some strange people using that place; I don't go there alone. 
The association suggested we walk them out on the pavement but there's no grass there, no trees and full of people. But the people here - despite being told otherwise several times - apparently want to think that cats go out in order to use the pool area as a toilet. Cats have their litterboxes and they are not dogs (nothing against dogs, love them to bits!), who will do their business anywhere on the ground and walk away. And I'm certainly not like some of those dog owners who don't clean up afterwards either.
Here's the last video of I made of Emil. It's not funny in any way and it's rather long but I'm boiling cold right now and I want to shove it in their faces and make them watch my 300 hours of cat videos. And this is coming from a pacifist ;)

Wanna see something utterly cute and short instead? Take a look at these otters:


  1. O Nancy, I am so mad to hear this. The very same thing happened to us when we moved to our condo. They would not allow cats in the courtyard and I started walking with them down the street. Then I checked with the city rules and they said that our condo could not have such laws (being open courtyard anyhow) because cats are considered to be free roaming and even if our cats could not be in the courtyard other cats would come. I got to know the worst most unfriendly and unhappy people...this is why I spend so much time with our cats to make sure they are unharmed. These people should be in jail in my opinion. I hope a solutions appears. Maybe go out earlier and later in the day? xx

  2. Well, mad or not, it's a beautiful beautiful illustration--so luminous!

  3. Thank you Coreopsis! :)

    Mrs - I had no idea you hda such problems! I used to think it looked to lovely being able to watch your boys walking around freely. Well, they do, to some extent, and they're lovely beyond words so ... ;)
    I'm sure they're not actually allowed to put up such restrictions but I don't want any unpleasant discussions so I'll do just what you said - get up extra early in the morning and keep them occupied at home during the day. :)

  4. Lovely drawing with the great textures. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at your modification. It's just do darn expressive. But honestly, I can understand your anger and frustration. GRRRRRRR! Emil is so beautiful. He deserves the right to go walking!

  5. Banned cat walking!!!! That's awful and your imagery sums up that feeling perfectly! I'm with you on this one!

  6. Bella - I know, it does look a bit funny. I showed it to my mum and she actually laughed because it's so ugly ;)

    Indigene - it's a weird one, that's for sure! :o

  7. Va!? de är ju helt sjuka...precis som Mona säger: det kan ju komma in andra katter utifrån som springer löst så hur kan de förbjuda att man går ut med katterna i KOPPEL?!!!! jag blir så upprörd och äcklad. Att det finns sådana människor!

  8. jag berättade ju om de där två som bokstavligen skrek åt mig och riktigt dröp av hat och avsky - om jag inte hade haft katter skulle jag aldrig fått veta hur de egentligen var ... nåja, de är inte här hela året.