Illustration Friday: "Heights"; こうちkouchi

So everbody knows cats love elevation, and everybody in my household knows that I'm merely a means to achieving that. 

I made this with using an old ink bottle I'd assumed was all dried up; sometimes it's nice to be wrong. 
 And I've been so busy with video and photo and whatever lately, it was really nice just doing a bit of drawing again!
I don't think I like how I did the lamp, though. I'll have to rework it someday.

Speaking of filming and such, here's a peek at what serious stuff I'm up to these days:

hot hot sand!


  1. What a beautiful drawing!!!! And I DO love the lamp! :)
    Thank you for accepting Zoe's invitation to her Kitty Party! She is looking forward to meeting your furry babies... and especially the boys, of course! ;)
    The first guests have already arrived!!!!

  2. PS: can't access the link right now, will try again later :)