Mafalda in The Flesh


We're doing an experiment in class right now, interpreting a cartoon character. I chose Mafalda for my assignment and decided I should try to turn her into a "real" person. As you can see from the two drawings on the right, I've still got a long way to go - she still looks cartoonish and not very alike. I realised I needed some fat kid references so I turned to myself:
But Mafalda is supposed to be six years old and I'd already lost my baby fat by 3 or 4:
... Lots of pinks and blues, not a whole lot of gender issues  there ;)
Actually, this should've been in my "7 random things about me" section of 's Versatile Blooger Award I received last week - thank you Koosje! :) I think I'll take hold of the "random" part of that challenge and tell you about  ... umm ... yeah, it's gonna have to be really random ... ;)

Like how I cannot resist the camera when my babies are lounging in the garden!
Yra, mother to Bello:


  1. Awwwww, she is completely and utterly adorable! And so are YOU! OOOOOOOH! Look at those cheeks! Wanna pinch and squeeze them. :D

    I love catching up with you! It's such a rush to see all your art. I almost forget to breathe.