Nearly Up Pompeii

I was at the Rojales monthly art fair today and this beautiful plateau was just at the entrance. It reminded me of ancient Greece and its amphitheatres, I could just imagine masked figures playing out the great classics. Or lowly comedies, for that matter.
Actually, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Pompeii, is not the beautiful mosaic or even the volcano but a tv program (it migh've been a children's show, I'm not sure) where the presenter walked around, telling the tale of the ruined city, enacting the catastrophe in a manner that literally gave me nightmares for years after! But, as horrible as it was at the time, I wouldn't want to watch it now and ruin the memory. Weird, huh? ;)
The precise site is called Cuevas del Rodeo and is situated high above the more or less modern town of Rojales, "cuevas" meaning "caves". Everywhere you'll see these chimenylike structures sticking out of the ground and that's just what they are: chimneys, belonging to the caves below.
The caves are actually used as studios by local artists and artisans.
Today I was once again joined by this lovely couple:
They make fine art, macrame jewellery and much much more:
Check out their website! They're at the art fair in Guardamar del Segura every weekend - except for this coming week (till 8/4) when the fair is open every day beacuse of the Easter celebrations. Come June and the summer season, the fair opens every evening from 18.00h. If you're on the Costa Blanca, the evening fair in Guardamar is definitely worth a visit and, while you're there, make sure to look for the Ivalyart Artesanías booth - they're super sweet! :)

On my other side, I had this gorgeous rainbow-coloured parasol. If it had been bigger, I would've nicked it. 
The site also has a cozy tetería or tea salon out in the open, with colourful cushions on the benches and lights hanging from the trees. Sometimes you'll find a pretty girl there, and my elbow. Not the tattooed one.
Apparently there was going to be a performance by an African dance troop there this evening, unfortunately I couldn't attend. :(

The place is practically littered with sculptures and soft hangouts wherever you turn:
And then there's La Casa de Conchas - The Shell House. Every minute space decorated with the white shells that can be found in droves on the bushes, grounds, walls, everywhere around the caves, it's a tourist hot spot!
So, if you're visiting the Spanish white coast, do come by Rojales - the art fair opens on the first Sunday of every month. November to May, from 10.00, and then June to September in the evenings from 18.00.


  1. I've always found the story of Pompeii interesting and sad. Chimneys belonging to caves! I've never heard of this. What a fascinating place. All these pictures make me want to take the first plane to Spain. The shell house is lovely.

  2. I know, it's looking pretty nice, I don't mind stayong here for a while ;)