Performance art; can anybody do it?

Assignement from school: make a performance piece ready to be shown/performed in three weeks time. 
The only requisite is that we have to use our body and/or our person in some way or another.

I am so lost I fear I shall never find my way.

Here's one artist I like, though:


  1. Well, at least if you just use your voice you won't have to set your hair on fire or something! I've seen some weird performance art. I liked the video - It is a nice idea to have a photo and then tell a story. Please post what you decide to use!

  2. I've already set my hair on fire once! Unintentionally though so that wouldn't count ;) No, I'm still a bit fuzzy about what counts as performance but yeah, I'm hoping to stay out of the frame as much as possible.