Touristing in Torrevieja

I had the afternoon free the other day and thought I'd check out the Torrevieja book fair down by the marina. But I was too early and the stalls had not opened yet so instead of just hanging around, I took a tour of the town.
Walking back up through the streets, enjoying the almost-summer air, I came upon a new fasade, still in the works; are they trying to turn this into a little Barcelona?
First stop, the English bookshop "Bargain Books" which, aside from stocking what the name says, also has the local English newspapers. I grabbed one of each.
Snapped a red-haired boy. Must be British - there are a lot of them here. Not kidding.;)
Went back down to the water but still no activity, took a picture of some old houses and newer boats ...
And a love declaration "If it's not with you, it's nobody"
Popped into the tourist office to get the scandinavian papers - only one Norwegian this time but it would have to do ;)
Love the tiles under the roof:
Walking slowly back towards the book stalls and lo and behold, they've opened!
I even found a manga section. Unfortunately, they were all translated, or I'd have bought one to practice on.
So, having wasted most of the afternoon already, I decided to make the most of it and take the long route to the bus stop down by the beach.
By now the heavens were turning a little dark but it didn't affect those already on the beach, and it was still relatively warm so I pushed on.
By the time I reached the stone beach, I realised I hadn't walked this bit in years and that the reason I didn't quite recognise it probably was because the last time I saw it was during tourist season - I wouldn't have been able to see much else than tourists.
The evening chill was definitelly setting in now but I didn't think about it until I got to the bus stop and had to wait for close to an hour for the bus. I nearly froze to death.


  1. Lol! I nearly froze to death the whole week through. We've had 0 degrees celsius so no barefoot kids on the beach here ;D

    Fina bilder och roligt att se vad du hittat på!

  2. What a lovely tour! I love book fairs. The trees look so lovely as does the beach. I love the balconies on the apartment building. Lots of fun to see everything.

  3. well, I'm a bit jaded by now and don't really see the pretty unless I do a little exposé like this, so it was nice for me too ;)
    C - iofs har ni inte många stränder heller ;)