We're going to a pa-a-a-arty ..!

So, we recieved an invitation for a blog party, hosted by Zoe and Annuk and, a little late, here are my little ones I'm sending away for some fun!
Well, I had originally thought of asking all of my three firstborns but Bella isn't that social so she said thanks but no thanks. Below, you can see her trying to share a basket with her brother Valentino, deliberating whether she shoud stay or make a quick escape ... They've both got Norwegian Forest in them and are thus rather large cats, so I don't blame her for wanting a bit of space!

Next, I looked up her brother, Bello; he's usually found in the shade, enjoying an all-day-long siesta:

Sorry, that's Bello for you - if it's not sleeping, all he cares about is eating, but once he's up, he can make friends with anybody!  And he's soft and pliable like a gigantic lump of dough - very huggable ;)

And then there's Valentino ...
Seriously, whether stuff is happening or not, he's got to be there! But he's very handsome and charming, and you've got no choice but to adore him. Yes, he was named after the great Rudolf.
You want some more background history? Weeell, about ten years ago, Yra:
... showed up in the middle of one of the coldest Swedish winters in a long time. After a bit of coaxing, she agreed to come inside. But before she got settled enough to be handled, there was suddenly a bump around her waist. And a while later, these three huge kitties arrived; seriously, considering how small she is, I don't know how she managed!
Not long after that, they all got their own proper passports and we all car pooled down to Spain. And here she is now, enjoying the sun and the booze, like a proper ex pat pensioner.


  1. Awwwwww how sweet from you, beautiful sweet huggable darlings!!!!!
    Zoe is VERY happy to meet you and she's thinking about a way to say THANKS! :)))
    Enjoy the PAWTYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anna & Zoe :)

  2. How adorable...we are late but I may still send in our kitties...they love parties. xx

  3. Hi friends!
    We are in Zoe´s pawwwty too. And we´re from Brazil.
    Nice to meet you.
    Auntie Marilia and Bavarescats

  4. My boys are supposed to be on a diet, but they've come back fatter than ever! ;)
    Hello, new friend from Brazil! Oh gosh, I just love this new inter-net invention thingie, I feel so global :D