The Carnival is coming!

Yes, inspired by the inspiring Annuk, and her and Zoe's cat blog party a few weeks back - as well as her gorgeous photos of both her beloved Rhodes and the Italian alps, I've decided to hold a blog carnival. Don't know what a blog carnival is? Neither did I, till only yesterday; apparently it's not unlike a blog party, only you link to posts rather than actually post every individual entry. Or so I've been led to believe; many things need to be sorted out before I say anything more, but you should be able to expect an official invitation within the next few days!
I will try to hold a carnival - themed according to my interestes - about every month.
And for this first month, I can reveal that the theme will be "Mediterranean Shores". You may interpret that as you like - until I return with more news. ;)


  1. OH YAYYYYYY!!!!!! A blog Carnival!!!!
    Thank you so much for your sweet words, sweet Nancy! :) I'm sitting here smiling... And I'm SO happy Zoe and I did inspire you to this gorgeous idea!!! Zoe (who is being loved and spoiled to bits by her Grandpa) is happy too!!!
    Can't wait to learn more about it... and the first theme is -- well, perfect for me! :)
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Hey Nancy, I saw when you ate the pancake-face. Great!!!!!

  3. Annuk - grandparents are great for spoiling the littel brats ;)

    ram - hehe, that painful look on my face comes from eating 11 pancakes in a row. :P

    Repositório - delicious indeed! :D