The carnival that turned into a small gathering ...

Well, hopefully more than just family and closest friends ..! But the thing is, as I read up on the "rules" for blog carnivals, I realised that people take them dead seriously ... As they should, of course, being proper articles and such, but still, it's not what I was going for. And since, apparently, having one single blog hosting continuous carnivals, is considered spam, I think I'd rather stay out of that whole scene - for now at least. But I do like the name carnival, so it will still be - unofficially - a carnival-party. Well, it will be if I can get people to come ... ;)

As for the rules:
Since the theme for this inauguration party is "Mediterranean Shores", I'd love to see blog posts from all you people living within eyesight of the sea (even if it has to be with with strong binoculars and the removal of a few blocks of buildings), showing us a little about your life there. If you don't live by the sea (or even in Europe!), maybe you've got a cute story about the time you went island hopping across the Greek archipelago; a yet to be realised dream to see the necropolis in Valletta, or your ancentors' pirating adventures in Algers. 
But don't worry, if writing's not your thing, that's not the point - just a little something that's got the personal touch. This is after all only an excuse to make new friends, and learn more about old ones!
Make a video, a collage, a written story - as long as it's within the theme, anything goes!

As for the technical side of it:
I'm going to set a deadline for the 20th of June. I thought I should give it a little time, being our first and all - it will also give me room to prepare my own entry. ;)
And, since most of us are Etsians/artists, please feel free to add a little something (or a lot;) on what you create (another thing not allowed at carnivals!).
Use any language you feel comfortable with, but you might want to add a short translation in English, for our international viewers! :)

  •    Mail me a nancygronholm@hotmail.com, using "Submission for the carnival" as your subject line.
  •    Your blog name and your name - real or whatever you use for the blog.
  •    Title of your Blog Post for the Carnival
  •    The direct URL for your Blog Post for the Carnival
So, basically, it's something like Illustration Friday, but less art-specific.

If you've got photos (and we'd all love it if you did!), I'll post one photo, with the blog title and the first few paragraphs of the text - linking to the full post on your blog, in a list of all entries. Once the list is up, I'll send you the link.
If anything's still unclear, feel free to ask - just add it to the comments' section of this post.
Looking forward to seeing more of you all! :)

Here's a little piece of the Mediterranean Sea, and the old dock for the salt industry. The new one is much larger and lies farther out:


  1. Hi sweet Nancy! :)
    I'M IN!!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to all the posts... and lots of great pics from around the Med! :)
    Kisses from Rhodes!

    PS: I'll let you know if I have any questions!

  2. Still in Rhodes? I expect lots and lots of pics, then ;)