Illustration Friday: "Faded"; はく haku

Don't you find it sad how you forget memories you know you remembered just a little while back? Some memories are very visual; you know the details and can watch the moment unfold as you would a movie - but you no longer remember the feeling of what it was like being there.
Then there are memories of, for example, the times I would go to pick up my sister from day care. Sometimes I'd get there early and have to wait for them to finish their meal or come back from the day's outing. I don't remember much of how the place looked - despite having gone there myself, albeit in another section - but I do remember, vividly (or so I imagine) the smells, the sensation of either waiting outside, if it was summer, or staying in the hall if it was cold outside. It felt weird to know that just a month or a year earlier, I'd considered this place "mine", but now that I'd left, I suddenly felt very much an intruder. Like going to a school event, or a parent-teacher meeting, after school hourse - it's feels ... off somehow.
Actually, a lot of those, more "intact" memories, are of me waiting - waiting for my sister, for school to start, for my dad to pick me up from school to go to the dentist, for the ballet group before mine to finish. I guess it gave me time to think and reflect?

Or, memories like this photo of me (on the fence) and my sister, out and about somewhere:
I have no idea where this was taken, no memories of what we did there, if we had icecream, if it was just our family or a joint outing, but I do remember climbing that fence and never wanting to leave. I also have this fact-or-faked recollection that it was my sister's complaining that finally dragged me off of there, but that could just be my collected childhood memories of my little sister as an annoying brat. ;)


  1. Your illustration is once again wonderful!!! And I love the way you gently plunge into childhood memories... very sweet! :)

  2. It is interesting how you never wanted to leave. I think animals and nature fill our hearts with happiness. It is what we were made for. Very nice drawing - one of my main memories of waiting from childhood was waiting form my mom to pick us up from school. She was always late and we were usually the last ones there. She had to wait until our little sister woke from her nap - so it wasn't her fault. :)

  3. Hi Nancy!
    I also saw your IF Sight and I liked it too!
    And this post, "Faded", as you see, from the point of view of memories, I feel great.
    Thanks for stopping and for your kind comment.
    Back whenever you want,
    always I have coffee or hot tea, HA HA :)
    BTW you are a relative of Marcus Gronholm? :)

  4. Belle - dang that little sister, they're always such a nuisance lol

    ram - thank you! actually, about my name ... I've still only up to nr three on my 7 things about me-list. I'll be bringing up that question soon. ;)