A proper tree-hugger, I am!

I'm sorry to say I don't have any actual visual proof to support this claim, but let me just show you where I got the inspiration for my latest illo, the tree parks of Guardamar del Segura:
 And here's what came out at the end of the day:

I listed it in the shop just a moment ago. And while I'm on the subject of Etsy, let me just remind you that Friday-Sunday always always means free shipping! Just visit the shop for the week's code; this week it looks like this: 25MAY2012.
I hope everybody's had a great week and are about to embark on an even greater weeken!
I've yet to decide what to do tomorrow, but I'm thinking ... I'm thinking that I'll think about that tomorrow. :)


  1. What a beautiful park, Nancy! It sure was so inspiring!!! Awww and that sweet little squirrel... adorable!
    Your painting is wonderful -- once again! :)
    Have a lovely weekend under "those parasols"... I will too! :) (I'm actually sitting under a parasol, with a sweet kitty taking her siesta next to me...)
    Kisses from another sunny spot in the Mediterranean!!!

  2. thank you! I could watch my kitties taking siestas all day long hehe