Random images of the past week

I bet you'll never guess what I used to make this necklace ... a deodorant bottle. Yup, I did! I've been trying and trying to expand my etsy shop by adding a fun and colourful jewellery line, but I've not come up with the perfect idea yet. Mosty, the problem has been about materials and how to get the colours I want but can't seem to achieve with regular paints. But then, one morning as I stood in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, there was that bright green coloured deo, standing right in front my eyes and the idea just snapped: what if I could make something recycled? So I did. Don't know if it'll ever make it into the shop but I'm having fun for now at least ;) Only down side is that I have no empty bottles at home - right now I've got my eye on a gorgeous pink washing up bottle that I'm almost half way through ...

 Just something I found at the supermarket and I found the idea of a potatoe bikini somewhat amusing:

Bella fell asleep sitting up (down?):

A pillow's a pillow:
Tea with a neighbour; dates and figs gave it a slight oriental touch:
Cat that came to visit at my stall at today's art fair in Rojales - she found the bread in the picknick basket and helped herself to two slices, but leaving the crust.
My bookmark display at the fair:

And some simple, colourful earrings I made specially for the fair; displayed on some pretty tin boxes, to add even more colour:
... I don't know what I was aiming for when I took this photo! But if you look closely, you can just make out a corner of the black board I used to price all the little things like jewellery and cards and such - it worked really well, so I'll be using that again!
This was my view today, not too shabby, eh? :)


  1. What a great post, Nancy!!!!!
    Looks like the Kitties are still tired from the Pary, ha? ;D
    And how sweeeeet that kitty who visited you at the fair! I was sure she's a girl the first moment I saw that sweet little face she has!
    Your stall looks gorgeous! All that color!!!! And the earrings really pop in the sun! This is a really great inspiring post for my stall in Rhodes this summer! :) I got some "simple" jewelry ready too, earrings are always a summer hit, and easy to wear with many outfits.
    LOOOOVE your idea to turn colorful bottles into jewelry!!! You are SO creative, Nancy!!!!

    Have a great week!!!!
    Kitty hugs,
    Anna & Zoe

  2. I meant "Party" of course, LOL! :)