Hot today. Didn't even have the strength to get a glass of water.

Remember this little girl?
She had serious diarrhea, caused by drinking milk. She was completely apathetic and had everybody worried. 
But after more than a week of care, she's now enjoying the morning sunshine:
But does not want to share the spotlight...

Then it was her sister's turn:
No diarrhea but still dehydrated and with a major cold - stuffed nose and sore throat.
But then, just last night, she started drinking and eating - of her own will - for the first time in much too long. She's already impatient to get back to her family, but she's sitll got a few more days of medication to get through, so we'll just have to somehow keep her entertained meanwhile!


  1. Awwww that sweet little black girl already looks much better!!!!! I'm so glad!!! And I'm so happy to hear her little sister is getting better too!!! These ARE wonderful news!!!!
    PS: HOT here too!
    Kisses from Rhodes!

  2. She is adorable...my cat drank buttermilk and was seriously ill for a week...it was terrible! Funny that it cartoon they always portray cats drinking milk and in reality they only drink for such a short time. Good to see you Nancy.

  3. I hope for them to get well soon. Base on their appearance, they look too weak ;(

  4. A lot of cats LOVE milk and cream (I've even got one who likes soy yogurt!) and even though they do get indigestion from it, if they're adults, most of them can take a taste at least. It's just these little ones ... but to put everyone's minds at rest - they're both doing fine now (one's still got a stuffed nose but we'll get rid of that soon enough!) :)