Illustration Friday: "Refresh"; あたらしくする atarashikusuru

Internet connection. Sometimes... really ... 
But the hardships of poor weather, bad gateways, busy servers and whatnots, are quickly forgotten once the buffering gets going. When this happens, I put a few vids on simultaneously, so that I always have something going!  ... I actually heard a girl saying something similar at the bus stop the other day - about boyfriends. Couldn't tell whether she was talking hypothetically or actually had two of them - or even one for each day of the week ;)


  1. this was also one of my initial thoughts. nicely done!

  2. LOL that was funny! ;)
    And such a lovely illustration!

  3. Nancy, in my country they say: you always have to have several candles on ...
    if one goes out, you already have one on, haha

    Oh, you do not believe me? I am a disrespectful, haha
    Thanks for your kind comment!!
    and good weekend!!

  4. Haha, the expression is perfect. Neat, sketchy style.

  5. I love the hatching in the background, very expressive. Great drawing!