Sally, the neighbourhood watch

Sally likes to keep an eye on things.
She lives in the same neighbourhood as the three parakeets!
Believe it or not but our postman finds Valentino to be so unnaturally large that he, just in case, prefers to call out from the street, if there's mail incoming.


  1. Sally is adorable...How much does Valentino weigh, just curious to compare to our kitties! : )

  2. Sweet Sally!!!
    Hahaha I guess the postman thinks Valentino is a dog in disguise LOL! ;) There are huge males in Rhodes too, my Zoe who is a girl is huge compared to kitty girls from my area in Northern Italy! She weighs 6.5 kilos, and there are well-fed boys here who reach 8 or 9 kilos!

  3. Men han kan ju inte vara skrämmande, lilla Tjockis ;D

  4. lol, well, Valentino came in at 9,5 kg at his last checkup but, his dieting is finally producing some results so now he's probably no more than 7, 8 at the most.

    Som brevbärare borde människan uppskatta en så formidabel vakthund och upprätta ett altare i hans ära! Kanske lämna en burk paté som offergåva.