What I wore this week

 A wonderful time at the art fair; such a shame about the bad hair day.

 7/6, the heat is on, got to keep it short and loose and barefoot!

 Wanting new frames. Found nothing I liked.

Put trousers on today - had to stand on a stage and didn't fancy the angle between my short skirt and the audience below. Also had the camera out, so a brief explanation of what I was doing there will be coming up!


  1. I LOVE your sketches, Nancy! They are so personal in style, so very "YOU"! I'd recognize your drawings anywhere! :)

  2. Hi, Nancy Gronholm!!!
    These drawings are very good, it is clear that you are a very good artist
    10/6-2012 is my favorite
    You know how to draw expressions of the faces with a few strokes!
    Have a good week!

  3. and that's a good thing, I suppose, Anna? ;) Thanks! :D

    Roberto - thank you! Wish I were more brave, though - your art is amazing :)