Illustration Friday: "Carry"

You know, our beach is pretty relaxed, but the ones in Torrevieja - just next doors - seem a little more ... oh, I don't know... territorial?
Early in the morning, I take the bus into town and notice that while the beaches are not yet crowded with tourists, there's a long, thin line of colourful shades already stretching the length of the beach. Apparently people get up even earlier than I do, to carry their chairs down to the waterfront, marking their spot with a folded parasol, and then go back home. 
... Maybe I'll go down one day and plant a chair smack in the water, cheating them all of their front row sea view... ;)

On a side note, I lost my internet connection for a bit there, so I'm a little behind on things, but I'm planning a giveaway this weekend, so you might wanna look out for that!

Second side note: I just recently found out that there are roller derby teams even in Stockholm!
It's such a shame I'm not there enough to join :(
Because seriously, how cool does this not look?


  1. oh, but when you're on vacation is not good to get up early to put a chair on the beach! No? :)))))))))
    Good weekend, Nancy!!!

  2. Hey, this illustration is really very nice!

  3. hey, this illustration is really very nice !