Illustration Friday: "Lonely"; こどく な kodoku na

She looked up, she looked down
and all around
She rang everyone she knew
but they were all out
For a moment
or two
or three
she thought of feeling lonely
But actually
 it was only a sense 
of oneliness. 

Reminds me a little of childhood; although I was perfectly happy to stay on my own, reading, when I did call on friends and suddenly everyone was away, it did make you feel a bit left out, didn't it?

This is actually a work in progress:
And as you can see, she's already got unexpected visitors coming.
Reminds me of an old Swedish series of tv ads for a coffee brand; it was probably one of those things where the original commercial turned out to be really popular, so they just kept going - for a while there, we all actually looked forward to seeing what they'd come up with next. 
Their slogan was "When you get unexpected company":

After a while, they changed it to "When you want unexpected company".

And finally, they went international:

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  1. cool - this is evolving in an interesting fashion. Nice lines & works well with the prompt

  2. I love this work in progress and love the unexpected company....happy friday Nancy xx

  3. Your work in progress looks like it is on track!
    I think, except the lion who seems to know that there is someone else, others are seen as very lonely
    Good weekend Nancy!

  4. How lovely!!! I love the dreamy, fairytale-like atmosphere!