Illustration Friday:"Suspend"; ぶらさげる burasageru

Oil on canvas, detail.
The thick fog covered everything but the highest crests.The light caught in the moisture of the road, leaving it fragmented and suspended, floating.

The original title for this painting was actually "Traces" and the reason was simply this:
Can you see the paw print?
When I first noticed it, I thought of painting over it. But how could I do that to something one of my babies made? :)

More suspension - Lindo's found a new playground!:


  1. Hey, Nancy! Great abstract work! I love it!
    The fog is there, I can almost feel it!
    Have a nice weekend!! :))))))))

  2. Did your cat paint this or did he just sign his name? I love this. Happy weekend!

  3. Yes this is very moody... I spent a lot of time looking at it. Very nice work!