The indifference of Cats

A watercolour/crayon collage inspired by my sister and her Sau.
Sau is one of those cats that at first glance seems to not like people very much; she'll once in a blue moon sit on your lap, stroke her face against your outstretched hand, and never ever sleep curled up in the nook of your neck. But once you get to know her, you realise that she's a very caring cat that takes her job protecting her humans very seriously - intruders are studiously assessed before given the thumbs up - or down.
Sau, in all her menacing glory:


  1. Nancy, I just I have one word (and a admiration sign): Gorgeous!

  2. I agree with Roberto...beautiful. I love the expression on Sau's face. : )

  3. Wonderful!!!!
    And YES, definitely -- each kitty has its own, special way to show care and attachment...

  4. So cool! The background is beautiful and the contrast in style between the figures and the background is so great! I'm a bit scared of that cat, so I think you captured this cat's personality just right.