A day in the country

Last day of the workshop and we were all invited to get our paints out at the country house of one of the participants. 
I felt very at home with the Spanish flag, supported by a very Swedish looking old tree-trunk!
They re-used a lot of the trees and palmtrees that were cut down or had fallen, as seats or tables or plain decoration, like this fairy king throne:
We were supposed to be painting but, to be honest, I felt rather like climbing a tree with a magical story in my hand, and relax the day away. 
Or gaze into the still fountain, dreaming of old movies and midnight adventures in a forgotten garden.

Which was why I left my paints to dry on the palette while I found myself a pretty model and turned to sketching - with the soothing cries of the roosters in the background (I know some people think they're a bunch of noise but I just love it - it gives atmosphere!).


  1. Nancy, do you live in Spain? I did not know.
    You are very good drawer!!!!
    you realize when you are watching a good drawer much more for the sketches he does, than for their finished drawings.
    and these sketches are spectacular.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Yes, I do live in Spain! And this year more than usual - because of these workshops I'm doing.
    So you liked the sketches? Thank you!
    I agree about seeing an artist's sketches and, more than that, they're so much more personal than a painting (to me at least). Like Leonardo - more than his paintings, there's nothing quite like seeing his sketch books. They are pure magic. I can get lost daydreaming among an artist's lines ;)