crafting for the little ones

My Pierre Philippe is a violent brute when it comes to playing. One by one, all his playmates have abandoned him, and now he's left all alone. So, I thought I'd make him a little something that would hold up to more than a fair amount of biting and tearing! With a bit of painting, a bit of stuffing and some sribbon, I made him a small catnip toy. The initiative seems to have gone down well with the tiny terror (yes, he's also known as Filip den förskräcklige, or Philip the Terrible, but it sounds better in Swedish;), but I think I shall have to make it bigger next time - a real teddybear-sized monster for him to squeeze the life out of.


  1. Ha ha....I am happy I am not the only one with a terror in the house :)

    I love his toy

  2. crazy eyes? The toy or the cat? ;)

    Mrs - really? which one? From here, they look like absolute angels!