Expressionism ... so hard to express ...

One of the last classical isms at the painting workshop, before moving on to modern abstract, was the expressionist movement, with paitings such as "The Scream" (or the scream of nature, as is the full title). Now, that level of despair is hard to summon up at will (especially when the sun is shining and everything's right with the world!), so after too many failures, I decided to take another ruote. And, liking to play with shadows, I thought of Jung's "bright shadow". Everybody, I think, whether familiar with Jung or not, knows the theory of the subconcious; Jung said that, along with the darker shadow that holds all the little things that we don't like about ourselves, there is the bright shadow. The bright shadow often comes through as traits we admire in others - what Jung says is that those traits are really our own but since we're too afraid to live up to all that we can be, we seek them in others and admire from afar.
I don't think one needs to dig very deep to realise that this is true - how often do we not allow ourselves to dream too big, in case we should fail? And even when we do dream it, we treat is as "just" that - a dream.
Of course, you don't want to glorify yourself too much, or you run the risk of becoming truly delusional! ;)   Lite lagom, as we say in Sweden; a little bit of this, a little of that, as much as you like of the third and you've got yourself a self that's practically perfect in every way you like. :)

Anyways, my little painting may not look like anything Munch did but, it expresses something of mine and I think that's good enough for me,

Would you like to see how this idea developed into something else?
The idea went from bright shadows, to soulmates. I'm still playing around with colours ...
I can honestly say that I have no favourites among my cats, I love them all, with all my heart. But ...
one of them, for no known reason, sets himself apart.
That someone is Bello. Perhaps it's because he's such a troublemaker and infinite source of worry or, maybe it's because he, as a kitten, nearly blinded me, trying to catch my blinking eyelashes. Or maybe it's because he knows he can get away with anything, but pretends to ask first, just to be sweet (and maybe get a tummy rub). Or, it could be because he's always ignored; when they were born, Valentino was the instant charmer, with his white socks and big round eyes that never left you, and Bella was jsut a tiny ball of fluff, the cutest thing you ever saw, Bello was just a grey tabby. Maybe that's why.


  1. I like your expressionist painting as your explanation of Jung...so true...love the other set, the soulmates....as much as I don't want to believe it I have to believe it that very special bonds can be formed with humans and animals...that Bello is adorable xx

  2. sure, soulmates might be overdoing it (what do I know about soulmates anyway!) but there is clearly a bond there. He really is lovely, even though he's often overlooked by others. All the more for me, then ;)