Illustration Friday: "Freeze"; こる koru

Traditional painting in particular - I'm talking impressionism rather than Michelangelo or the Preraphaelites - has that "captured moment" quality that could easily find room in a photo album for that aspect alone.
Here's a quick oil painting sketch I made of my sister, my forever model, in Sweden last year. I think she was sewing a name tag onto one of her shawls.


  1. Nancy!!!!!
    This is almost Renoir!!!
    I like this very much!!!

    Your sister is redhead??? (I love redheads because I have a daughter redhead :))))
    Have a nice weekend Nancy Gronholm!!!! :))

  2. oh flatter me some more! lol
    Unfortunately, she's not a redhead - she does get a reddish blond tint in summer but nope, it was just the light that gave that colour! I love redhead too, wish I were one! ;)