Illustration Friday: "Teacher"; きょうし kyoushi (7 things about me, nr 5)

When we finished third grade, entering fourth, three classes were jumbled into two. Friends were split up and everything was new and exciting. 
However, when our equally new and exciting teacher crush decided to leave after only one term, something happened to our class. 
We didn't huddle together and make a conscious decision, but I can't say were weren't aware of what was happening either; for some reason, we started bullying the temps until they quit. 
We had become the terror of our school.
The last one (or, there might've been only one, I can't quite remember), actually broke down and cried.
That was a real shock - I don't think we had realised until then that what we were doing was actually for real.
But, after that, we got a proper talking to, and in the end we got a really great teacher we loved to bits.


  1. Hi, Nancy
    Spectacular drawing, as always!!!
    I never tire of saying that you are a great artist!!!
    you have a base of classic drawing
    and that allows you, to do what you want with the pencil
    and always, you do well!
    Something apart, the eyes of the child who is to the right is the great detail of your picture :)))
    Have a nice weekend!!!!

  2. thank you thank you thank you!! :)
    some things are a lot easier when you've got some basic knowledge of drawing but it's sometimes hard to igonre what you know - sometimes you just don't want things to looks as if they're made in this world. but that comes and goes, sometimes things flow, and sometimes you
    ve got to work on it ;)