Love is but a game, but it's a popular one.

Do you remember this one?
I made it last year for my Swedish shop, and it depicts the Swedish verb "älska" - "to love".
It's part of my Svenska Ord/Swedish Letters line - a collection that now has extended to pendants.
Would you like a lesson in the Swedish language? I promise, it'l be a very very quick one, and rather sweet. :)

The Swedish noun for "love" is "kärlek". Literally, it means "dear/loved game". So, for us, is not just an expression. ;)
 This pendant is part of a four-piece collection, now available also in my Etsy shop.

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  1. I think the Swedes are very smart and clever
    word game has a lot to do with the relationship between people, removes stiffness, makes more durable the relationship, and if it ends, it was only a game :)
    I congratulate you on your jewelry, you've seen the rings of my daughter? on the side of my blog I have a link.
    I would like to send an email with something I have from Sweden, can I do?