What's hairy today

Of course I document my furry things every day, but today I really felt like publishing them too ...

Valentino, Bella's brother.

Nero and Lindo in the laundry basket.


  1. I think Valentino is my favorite. reminds me of a cat in the house of my mother's house, when I was young, he slept hanging on the edge of the roof, he never fell, even though half of his body was in the air!

  2. Åh tjockis! Jag vill pussa hans nos!!! :D

    Nero Och Lindo är ju skojjiga :)

  3. ha ha...you have real beauties at your home!

  4. roberto - I would've loved to see your mother's cat! They really do have an amazing sense of balance :D

    C - vi har sån tur att han inte störs av att gå runt med ständigt blöt nos!

    Repositório - even though two of them are middeaged babies ... ;)

    Mrs - Yeah, I know, we're all of us constantly fighting for the mirror...