Illustration Friday: "Book"; 本 hon

Diving straight into a book without fear, and have it turn out to be a great one, is an experience worth living for.
Don't you think? :)
... I wonder if you recognise some of the passages? Apart from one, they really are not very obscure at all!


  1. Very sweet. I love how tentative she looks.

  2. Hey, we should always dive into the books without fear.
    Books are paths for walking, every page you turn is a step you take, and down the road you do not feel tired, your head has a new landscape of knowledge, you save it, share it, make it part of your life.
    Your drawing is perfect to illustrate the idea! :)))))))))

    Ah, sí, mi Adan y Eva se ven aburridos es cierto. Es como tú dijiste, "hasta que ellos no prueben la manzana"... :)))

  3. It is one of the sweetest feelings to start a book and love it right away! Love the artwork.

  4. What a great concept! The figure is beautifully done. I think I recognise one book she dives in: A room of one's own by Virginia Woolf.