Illustration Friday: "Crooked"; ゆがんだ yuganda

They got along swimmingly; they both had a crooked personality.

Has anybody else noticed that most cats actually have a little bend at the very tip of the tail? It's usually not visible, but when you stroke the tail, it ends with a little hook. I think it's dead cute. But then it's not a subject I'm very objective about. :)


  1. Yes, I had noticed because I grab their tails all the time...I love the picture and even more the title underneath; I frequently feel that way, have a happy weekend : )

  2. Oh, oh oh!!! a crooked personality!!!
    las caras del gato y de la niña lo dicen todo!!
    I would not want to cross paths with them!!!! :))

    Nancy, esta semana trataré de soñar alg, digamos, lindo, gracias por tu buen deseo!!!

    do you know what I like about your drawings?
    you resolve everything with "two lines"
    And that means two (at least) things:
    1)to have talent and
    2)to have office
    (Cuando yo digo "have office" yo quiero decir tener oficio, saber lo que se hace porque se tiene experiencia en lo que se hace) :))))))

    Buen fin de semana y gracias por tus comentarios siempre eres muy amable conmigo!!!!!

  3. I LOVE the little hook at the end of kitties' tails! ;)
    And I love your drawing!!! And those adorable two little crooked faces! :D

  4. This is great! So expressive. I wonder what this cat has done, aside from being a cat! I have noticed the hook in some cat's tails. Once in a while even a dog will have a crook, usually from an accident like getting it caught in a door!