Lounging on a Wednesday morning


  1. Lovely pics, adorable little faces, happy moments... and cute details! :)
    I love the way you captured your kitties' bliss!

  2. My cat also has calico paws. And of course a wet nose.

  3. How about you adopting me as your cat? I prefer to be a cat than a human now.

  4. No me gusta tener gatos, no soy de los que odian a los gatos, yo amo a todos los animales, pero me gustan más los perros,pero reconozco una cosa, los gatos tienen su personalidad. los perros son como más dependientes de los humanos, el gato es como si dijera: "estoy aquí, pero no soy tuyo".
    Además es un animal muy bello, todos los felinos lo son. Y tus fotos son muy buenas!!!!!
    Miauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :))))))))))))

  5. there's no such thing as an un-cute cat - even if she's butt-ugly, that's the very thing that makes her cute! ;D

    MrsLittleJeans - Oh how I wish somebody would adopt me as a cat! eating, sleeping, playing all day, being up all night if you feel like it, break a cup and be too cute to get yelled at for it... hehe, sounds pretty sweet to me!