No such thing as too many hearts in this world!

Well, I've been living with these very "Swedish" heart clay brooches for a while now... and since I still really really like them, I decided to add them to the shops. :)

This "Sun in My Heart" brooch is available here.
While "My Blueberry Heart" can be found here.

Båda broscher finns självklart också på Signerat!

Some of you may have noticed that I've gone back to the old blog layout ... the dynamic view version is super nice, but still lacks a lot when it comes to widgets and customisation so, until they update a little bit more, I'm back with this old, tried, tested and working blog.


  1. These little brooches are SUPER cute!!!!

  2. The brooches are cute and I am glad you are back to this blog. I love the other but it was hard maneuvering. xx

  3. annuk - thank you! the yellow one almsot reminds me of your colours :)

    mrsLittleJeans - was it that difficult? too bad, I thought it was so clean and tidy and lovely looking. It was also nice to be able to reply to individual comments but... I guess, well, nothing to be done about that now :)

  4. Felicitaciones Nancy, yo prefiero este tipo de layout toda la vida!!!!
    me gustan tus corazones tanto como tu uñas azules!!!! :)))

  5. RAM - ahh, mis uñas azules, si, a mi tambien ;)