only one plate broken today

... but the shards were disposed of before I remembered to get the camera out. Other than that, it was a busy day, as usual. Five park-kittens had appointments at the doctor's; this ginger one went in last week with signs of water in his lungs. Good news - today, the vet found no symptoms at all! And, despite the sad look on his face on this photo, he definitely appears much better, playing and running around like nobody's biz; a while back, he didn't even want his food, just sat there, looking apathetic. Now, he'll come running to get a cuddle:

Three little black ones (out of four siblins in total), are suffering from milk-induced diarrhea and dehydration. They went in for shots and checkups but are doing well and should be out and about in no time:
This one, however, has an eye infection that just won't let up; he's a regular guest at the clinic. With some new medication, maybe it'll go better this time:


  1. I'm so glad to hear that the ginger boy and the black babies are doing better!!! And I hope the sweet boy with the eye infection will get well soon too! You are an angel for these kitties, Nancy!!!!

  2. (continuación del comentario anterior en el post de los corazones)... Además esta cabecera con el mar hasta el infinito es un descanso para mi cabeza!!!!!!

  3. ... and this Mummy is tired...;)

    RAM - verdad, el mar funciona como un tranquilizante! :o