The Sketchbook Project 2013

So, with three months left to finish it, I've finally begun on the sketchbook... I've yet to start on actually filling it, but here are a couple of pre-sketches I made yesterday - hopefully it'll turn into a proper story rather than loose sketches:
 A little character study of the main (and only) protagonist of the story.

The opening scene:
This was something I originally thought I'd make into an animation, but since I've got this sketchbook right here, it might be a good idea to use it to get the story practiced out a bit first; it might save me a little work later on ;)

Here's a clip I made of the work in progress. Excuse the annoying voice; I've had it all my life; no wonder I got a reputation for being snooty...:
*edited: Ha! I woke up with a tired voice today and since tired voice means (slightly) less annoying voice, I took the opportunity to add a new voiceover. Unfotunately, it wasn't only my voice that was tired; it now sounds as if I'm thinking out loud and not quite making perfect sense... oh, bother, just look at the moving pictures and pretend there's something interesting hidden in there, somewhere..:


  1. Very nice, I liked it and I had to chuckle at your tiny little voice..adorable! : )

  2. Nancy!!! lo que más me interesó del video fue tu voz, yo no sé por qué tu dijiste que es molesta, tienes una voz delicada, suave, tranquila, atractiva y muy adecuada para la explicación que diste. OK también me interesó la explicacion ;))))) (Y la uñas azules) :))))
    Ja JA!!!!
    ¿Se oyen los gatos de fondo, o me pareció????
    Buen fin de semana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ♫ ♪ ♫

  3. Perdón los dibujos que estan arriba del video también me interesaron, muy buena linea!!