What I wore two days ago, as well as last month

What I wore at the art fair two days ago.

I got my hair cut a couple of months ago and I loved it to bits; I woke up Twiggy-esque, slept through breakfast with a perfectly natural looking mess, and popped off for the workshops as a cool rockabilly chick. One drop of gel on newly washed hair and that was all I needed till the next wash.
Why, I could even go slightly 80's if I wanted to:
Now, however... now that it's growing out, this - if I'm lucky - is what meets me first thing in the morning:


  1. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy!!!! typical of all women.
    Ha ha. :))))))))))
    women are always delicious, no matter the haircut:)))))))))
    OK. what interests me is that these drawings are very good.
    Especialmente el primero es una obrita de arte!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Qué mano tienes para el dibujo, Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love your drawings, love your haircuts and... love Roberto's comment!!! ;)

  3. Love the haircut. It looks free and easy and cute.

  4. Annuk - thanks! yeah, that Roberto's quite a charmer, isn't he? ;)
    roberto - muchisimas gracias! el primero es mi favorito tambien :)
    Belle - it was free and easy and cute! I have the remnants of all that now...

  5. i know exactly how that feels! Try growing your hair after a few years of a pixie cut... :D I love hese drawings!