A Swedish cat in Spain. And a few local beauties.

My beautiful Bella siesta-ing atop the pergola!

Stretching my teeth a little...
Wide awake. Is there food coming my way?

And because I can't resist taking a million photos when I see a kittie, here are some from the Rojales art and crafts fair last week:
 ... my hand looks like a giant's hand! The kitten was very small. ;)

Curious cats were happy with homemade pizza, until they found the bag of homemade muffins and emptied it. Apparently, for a moment there, even the camera looked like it might be of interest...


  1. Awwwww adorable kittens, how could one resist??? And Bella is a beauty, of course!
    Love your finger nails!!! ;)

  2. Hi Nancy! I like your word siesta-ing ha ha!
    I like the pictures,and your hands look good with blue nails! :)
    (Yo también hubiera preferido los muffins)
    fíjate a quién tengo en mi foto de perfil. No soy de tener gatos, pero algunos me gustam mucho, como Félix, jaja!!!!!!!!!! :)))
    buena semanaaaaaaaaa!

  3. I can never stop smiling when I see kitties...aahhh so beautiful! xx

  4. I know, so small and soft, one could sit and play with them all day!

    C - Pälsen e riktigt tjock o fin nu - regnet tränger inte igenom de minsta! :D

    Roberto - his name is Felix? I never knew! Or perhaps I did but that was so long ago...;)

  5. Bella and friends are all photogenic. Bring it on. >^..^<

    1. they're natural beauties! ...I', alomost a little envious... ;)